The Book of Doctrines and Opinions:

Yoske Achituv who died two weeks ago was the last of the German born Orthodox leaders of the Religious Kibbutz movement. Most of the reigns of leadership had been pasted to others in the early 1990’s and most of Achituv’s colleagues, even younger ones, have already passed away. I first meet him in the 1980’s and in the last decades he was a known figure in the religious academic circles. His wiki page has a nice list of his writings and articles about him.

From the Yehudah Mirsky tribute on Open Zion

Yosef Achituv, known to one and all as Yoske, was a slight man, whose unfailingly gentle soft-spokenness, vaguely luftmenschlich air and easy benevolence were almost comically at odds with the power of his intellect and moral clarity, and the depth of his passions. Born in Germany in 1933 he came as an infant with his family, studied…

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