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Turkey has filed charges against four senior IDF officers for the deaths of the Turkish citizens during the Mavi Marmara fiasco. This in itself would be understandable if not logical considering that the UN Palmer Report exonerated Israel. However the Turkish step has taken a giant stride towards outright lunacy with the prosecution demanding up to 18,000 years imprisonment. Yes, eighteen thousand years. We should all live so long.

Turkey has taken other hostile steps against Israel since the flotilla, including demanding that NATO exclude Israel from a military exercise and that NATO not share anti-missile intelligence information with Israel.

In the light of this excessive belligerence, Dan Margalit in Yisrael Hayom asks what is behind it all: (my emphases):

A predatory virus must have infected Turkey. The decision to indict senior Israel Defense Forces officials who were involved in blocking the Mavi Marmara points to one of two…

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