Palestinians insist on posing as victims instead of taking responsibility for their catastrophe by Asaf Romirowsky

In the Israeli collective memory Holocaust Commemoration Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day embody the story of the creation of the modern State of Israel. These three days represent the modern Jewish experience and the mantra propagated by the founding fathers – From Holocaust to Independence – connoting the concept of the enduring Jewish spirit of survival and the promise of Never Again.

Yet the resilience of Jewish-Israeli survival has been overshadowed by the false Arab-Palestinian notion of being “occupied” and “robbed” from their true destiny. Consequently, Israel is the “oppressor “and Palestinian nomenclature demands that the “occupation” remains the root cause of all problems, from social and economic woes to terrorism.

For the anti-Israel community, these days have embodied the Palestinian-Arab narrative, which argues that Israel had a “master plan” to evict…

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