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Click below to listen to Jacinthe Bourgoin, the mother of Shayden, 3, talk about how CNIB is helping give Shayden, who is blind, the confidence and skills to succeed in life.

At a modest house near Timmins, Ont., Jacinthe Bourgoin sits at her kitchen table with her three-year-old grandson, Shayden, who she proudly raises as her own. Amid her laughter and his giggles, they’re trying to master the colours.

“Okay, tell me the ones you remember,” she says.

Shayden smiles. “Brown. Green.” He pauses. “Star!”

It’s the funny kind of thing any toddler might say — except that for Shayden, colours are things, not hues. He knows yellow because that’s what colour his mother says his toy star is.

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