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A great morale-boost was granted to Israel yesterday when a French court acquitted an Israeli doctor of slandering a Palestinian in the Mohammed al-Dura case.

For those who do not remember, Mohammed al-Dura became one of the abiding icons of the violent Second Intifada when he was apparently shot dead by IDF troops while cowering behind his father.

His killing became a rallying cry for Palestinians and their supporters, in particular terrorist supporters and their Western fellow-travellers in academia and the media. He became a cudgel with which to beat Israel about its murderous ways and abuse of children, war crimes, and almost every other evil on earth.

The “killing” was eventually exposed as a hoax by Richard Landes, Philippe Karsenty and others.  (h/t CiFWatch which has extensive coverage of the Al Dura affair here).  None of this exposure and rebuttal has stopped the Israel-haters from continuing…

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