This Puppy is the Face of Budweiser’s Tear Jerker Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

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Budweiser, a leading expert in interspecies friendship, released a poignant PSA Friday with a resonating message: Don’t drink and drive — You will break your puppy’s heart.

Anheuser-Busch InBev used ad agency Momentum Worldwide to create the 60-second spot, which shows the evolving relationship between an adorable man and his adorable yellow lab, the same breed used in Budweiser’s successful Super Bowl ad campaign.

In a moment of worry, the man is shown leaving his house with friends and a few buds and not coming home. The dog whimpers. The audience holds its collective breath. While we fear for the worst, in the end it turns out that he just spent the night at his friend’s house to stay safe. The puppy might have peed on the floor (that’s our guess of what cut footage holds), but at least the best friends will be able to play for years…

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Self Esteem and Teshuva

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Last night Rabbi Twersky gave a shiur on the psychological aspects to Teshuva. His main point was that in order to do real Teshuva we need to have a positive self-esteem.


Because in order to have meaningful relationships with anyone, including Hashem, you need to have a healthy and positive self-esteem and self-image. The problem is that many do not have a positive self-esteem – this damages and limits our ability to do Teshuva.

Why don’t we have a positive self-esteem and what do we need to work on?

He suggested a number of factors.
1) We are too dependent on the approval of others.
2) We try to please too much.
3) We have been damaged by our childhood experiences.
4) The Ýetzer Harah’ also creates negative, destructive feelings.
5) We aim too high. Often highly accomplished people, suffer from self-esteem problems, as they are never satisfied with…

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A Tour and Census of Palestine Year 1695: No sign of Arabian names or Palestinians

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by Avi Goldreich, used by courtesy of

Translated from the Hebrew by Nurit Greenger.
Original Hebrew version can be read here.

The time machine is a sensation that nests in me when I am visiting Mr. Hobber old books store in Budapest, Hungary. Hobber learned to know my quirks and after the initial greeting and the glass of mineral water (Mr. Hobber is a vegan) he leads me down the stairs to the huge basement, to the Jewish “section.”

The Jewish section is a room full of antiquity books on subjects that Mr. Hobber sees to be Jewish. Among the books there are some that are not even worthy their leather binding. However, sometime, one can find there real culture treasure. Many of the books are Holy Books that may have been stolen from synagogues’ archives: Talmud, Bible, Mishnah, old Ashkenazi style Siddur, and others. Customarily, I open them…

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Hamas deputy leader calls for direct talks with Israel, but group denies plan to negotiate with ‘Zionist enemy’

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Splits emerged at the top of Hamas Thursday after its deputy leader, Moussa Abu Marzouk, called for direct talks with the Israeli government, signalling a dramatic shift in policy for the Islamist group.

In a pre-recorded interview with Palestinian Al-Quds television channel, due to be broadcast last night, Mr. Abu Marzouk said Hamas could enter direct negotiations with Israel due to a shift in popular opinion in Gaza.

“Hamas will be willing to talk directly with the Israelis over issues, including Gaza border crossings and prisoner releases,” he said. “Just as you negotiate with weapons you can also negotiate with talk.” A statement refuting his comments was issued yesterday by Hamas’s press office.

“Direct negotiation with the Zionist enemy is not part of the movement’s policy, and it is not even under consideration,” the statement said.

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A move to work directly with Israel would be significant…

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In which BBC R4 misrepresents an Israeli law and its roots

Originally posted on BBC Watch:

The September 6th edition of BBC Radio 4’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ was titled “Matters of Life and Death” and included an item by Claudia Hammond, described in the synopsis as follows:FOOC Hammond

“Claudia Hammond discovers that many patients in Israel remain on life support for years”.

 The programme is available here, with the relevant segment beginning at 18:10, or here as a podcast under the different title “The Silent Wards”.  

The item is introduced by programme presenter Kate Adie thus:

“The news from Israel has been dominated recently by events in and around Gaza. On this programme though, we like to give ourselves the space to examine other aspects of life and death. In January this year a former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon died after eight years in a coma following a massive stroke. In many other countries the machines keeping him alive would have…

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Israeli court convicts polygamist cult leader who kept harem of women who bore dozens of kids

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JERUSALEM — An Israeli court convicted a polygamist cult leader of sex crimes on Monday, after he kept a harem of women who bore him dozens of children in a state of near total obedience.

The Tel Aviv District court convicted Goel Ratzon of rape, incest and other offences, but acquitted him of an enslavement charge, sparking cries of outrage in the courtroom.

The case shocked Israelis when details of the cult emerged in 2010. Ratzon kept at least 21 “wives,” some of whom tattooed his name on their bodies along with images of the short 64-year-old with long white hair and beard.

The children they bore him were named after variations of his first name Goel, or “saviour” in Hebrew.



Yehudit Herman, who was part of the harem, told channel 2 television she had mixed feelings about the court’s decisions. She said she was “really…

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Sunday morning videos: Israel advocacy

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Here are three great videos about Israel advocacy which you should watch:

I wrote about Matti Friedman’s searing essay slamming the international media for their anti-Israel bias and one-eyed view of the Middle East conflict. It was a long essay, excellently written and very well-worth the read.  But if you didn’t have the time to read it through you can now watch (via Israellycool) a 5 minute clip of Friedman explaining his thesis on CNN, a prime culprit:

Another indefatigable defender of Israel is Melanie Phillips who spoke last week at an Honest Reporting conference in Jerusalem. Here she is in a (1 hour long!) video on how Western Jewry is paying the price for Gaza:

And in case all of that was not enough, here is American commentator Bill Whittle (whom I got to hear about via the Conservative Kitchen Table blog) making the case for Israel…

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Arab writers mock ISIS terrorists in cartoons and comedy programs aimed at ‘rejecting extremism’

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The bumbling young militant first drops the rocket launcher on the toes of his boss before taking aim and firing toward a military checkpoint outside of an Iraqi town – not realizing he’s fired it backward at his leader.

The “Looney Tunes”-style cartoon targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham comes after its militants have swept across large swaths of Syria and Iraq, declaring their own self-styled caliphate while conducting mass shootings of their prisoners. The group cheers its advances and beheadings in slickly produced Internet videos.

In response, television networks across the Middle East have begun airing cartoons and comedy programs using satire to criticize the group and its claims of representing Islam. And while not directly confronting the group’s battlefield gains, the shows challenge the legitimacy of its claims and chip away at the fear some have that the Islamic militants are unstoppable.

These people are not…

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Israeli army on high alert as UN hostage crisis in Syria raises prospects of Golan Heights operation

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Israel shot down a drone over its border with Syria Sunday as it faced the growing prospect of being drawn into the country’s civil war, prompted by the hostage crisis in which jihadists are holding dozens of UN peacekeepers.

The capture of Fijian and Filipino troops in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) by the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels Jabhat Al-Nusra last week has cast doubt over the future of the UN force on the disputed Golan Heights.

While a dramatic rescue operation spearheaded by the Irish army retrieved 70 Filipino peacekeepers over the weekend, 44 Fijian troops remain in jihadist custody. Israeli officials are believed to be urgently seeking options to shore up the UNDOF mission, which has been in the buffer zone between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights since the 1974 ceasefire.

The force comprises 1,233 international peacekeepers drawn from the Philippines, Fiji, India, Ireland, Nepal and the…

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Israel calls for Arab countries to work togerther to disarm Hamas militants and rebuild Gaza

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Israel and several Arab countries should work together to rebuild the Gaza Strip while disarming Hamas militants who rule the territory, Israel’s finance minister said Sunday.

The remarks by Yair Lapid come almost a week after Israel and Hamas militants reached a truce after almost two months of fighting that devastated parts of Gaza.

“We need a regional conference, with the Egyptians, the Saudis, the Gulf States,” Lapid, a member of the centrist Yesh Atid party, told reporters in Jerusalem. “That conference should focus on one thing, ensuring the rehabilitation takes place alongside demilitarization,” he said.

Our weapons are used to defend our people, and this right was granted by heaven and human laws

It is unclear how he foresaw the group demilitarizing Gaza as Hamas has vowed it will never give up its weapons. Nor was it clear how responsive Arab countries, some of whom like Saudi Arabia have…

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