Lies and incitement in Jerusalem

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Anyone keeping up with the news, or anyone just reading this blog, will know that this subject is unfortunately a recurring one. It is a vicious circle, where the Palestinians, specifically the Palestinian leadership including Palestinian “President-for-life” Mahmoud Abbas, deliberately impute not only the worst possible motives to Israeli actions, but invent the worst possible motives, for the sole purpose of inflaming passions and inciting yet more violence.

This habit has by now become ingrained, so that even a simple accident or a suicide is immediately interpreted as murder, a lynching, and more often than not blamed on everyone’s favourite bogeyman, “the settlers”.

We saw this last week when a mosque caught fire in the West Bank. Despite the fact that it was probably an electrical fire, and no other source for the fire has yet been found, settlers were blamed for arson.

Yesterday, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem…

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Auschwitz ‘bookkeeper’ may be last Nazi tried in Germany for war crimes

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Thomas Walther is talking about Auschwitz, and numbers, and how the statistics of the Holocaust exceed imagination. What does it mean, for example, to deport 437,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz in the span of 57 days in the spring and early summer of 1944? What does it mean to murder them at a rate of 3.5 Jews per minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that by the end of the 57th day 300,000 of them are dead? What does it mean to have your parents, spouse, children and relatives systematically killed in a German Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland, only to have them counted by history as a lump sum?

“I can speak about 300,000 dead people who are murdered, but nobody can imagine what that means — such figures of death — while the Holocaust, this word, it is a part of families,” Mr. Walther says.

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To Give Is to Receive: Lessons on Jewish Hospitality From the Book of Genesis

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Two of my favorite characters in the Book of Genesis are Avraham and his daughter-in-law Rivka. Avraham is one of my heroes, and I want to marry someone like Rivka.

Both Avraham and Rivka are famous for their hachnasat orchim, which means welcoming guests. Avraham is the first Jew, he thinks for himself, questions authority, and even argues with God. He is willing to be himself and do what he believes even if the whole world thinks he is crazy, which is why he is known as an Ivri, which means “he who stands on the other side.” According to the Kabbalah, Avraham represents the character trait of chesed, which translates as “loving kindness.” According to the midrash, Avraham had an entrance on every side of his tent so he could welcome guests from the four directions.

There is a story that after the third day of…

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Palestinian Abbas’ Holy War of Lies

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Well this much is for sure. The play-acting is no more and Mahmoud Abbas isn’t even pretending to be a “peace partner.” He’s gone rogue.

These days this Fatah warlord openly calls for the murder of any and all Israelis and the Jewish blood that’s been spilled from Jerusalem onward — men, women, 3-month-old babies – places him at the heart and center of the reign of terror now being inflicted upon the Jewish State.

His PA (Palestinian Authority) gangs heed him word for word when he demands Jewish blood “by any means.”

Murder by automobile is the latest Islamic trick, and if that doesn’t work, Palestinian Arabs are urged to slash their victims to death.

This the Arabs have been doing repeatedly and gladly.

(Where, by the way, is the Left that was so outraged against the Price Taggers? Hello? We can’t hear you!)

Fattened by standing ovations at…

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Fundamental Perspectives

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An Israeli military outpost as seen from South Lebanon, where a Hezbollah flag flutters

An Israeli military outpost as seen from South Lebanon, where a Hezbollah flag flutters

Perceived dangers to our lives and ways of life can be a function of trends – just like everything else in our existence. The latest headline-grabbing focus of fear is Islamic State expansionism. This isn’t a bugbear of negligible proportions.  IS bloodlust and fanatic belligerence are nothing to scoff at.

That said, however, IS isn’t the only threat to the world’s democracies – Israel among them. Neither is it the greatest threat – certainly not to Israel.

Regardless of the repugnance aroused by IS’s sensationalist and lurid beheadings, worse villains abound in our region. Iran with its nuclear ambitions is foremost one, even though the White House is poised to appease Tehran’s ayatollahs without disarming them.

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Holocaust survivor moved by ‘fear of forgetting’

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Arthur Ney was just 12 years old in the spring of 1943 when he found himself, by chance, outside the walls of the Warsaw ghetto as it burned. In the years that followed, the resourceful Ney would evade the Nazis through a combination of deception, luck and the generosity of strangers who could not bear to see another Jewish child exterminated. Ney returned to Warsaw in 1944 – having just turned 13 – to fight for the city’s liberation. As the Azrieli Foundation prepares to release his 180-page memoir, the Montreal Gazette spoke to Ney about the war, his family and the price of survival.

In your book, you say that ‘fear of forgetting’ was what initially prompted you to write this memoir. How did you get started?

After the war, in 1945, I was leading a double-life. I was pretending I was Polish, an orphan, a Christian. And at one point – I remember exactly the day…

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‘Racist’ comment excised from liquor-store video

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A union-funded publicity campaign extolling the virtues of the liquor-store monopoly of the Société des Alcools (SAQ) got some attention it could have done without Wednesday.

In a 14-minute “documentary” on the website of labour-group CSN comparing Quebec’s wine and liquor network (favourably) with the privatized Alberta system, Edmonton resident Yao Datté was quoted as saying the people advising customers on their wine purchases in that province are “Pakistanis or Indians, who don’t know wine, who don’t even drink wine.”

After the National Post described the clip as a “mind-boggling use of racism,” the union group CSN issued a statement saying it would edit it out of the piece, though it remained intact on the website for hours after the controversy erupted.

CSN communications director Louis-Serge Houle called it “unfortunate” and unintentional.

“We did not foresee a reaction like this,” he said. “We apologize.”

He said the controversy “should not…

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Who is the Real Chickenshit?

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Who is the Real Chickenshit? Gatestone InstituteBassam Tawil, November 4, 2014

(Are attempts to spawn a new Islamic Caliphate more grounded in fantasy than Obama-Kerry perceptions of the Islamic State, grounded in their ill-formed perceptions of fact and ideology? Or less? — DM)

Judging by their actions, most Arab leaders do not want to create yet another terrorist Islamist state, dedicated to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and to toppling their regimes. We do want a Palestinian state, but please, only one that will provide responsible governance.

According to the “Arab street,” it is the Americans and Europeans who are cowards, afraid to take significant steps against Iran, and terrified of the Islamic ghettoes in their cities, which have been exporting terrorists to fight for the Islamic State, and providing housing to the seasoned fighters who return.

To Arabs, the ultimate irony is that America is paying Qatar to have its…

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Hamas Savage, I mean official Declares Intifada in Jerusalem

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By Tova Dvorin

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar
Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar
Flash 90

Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, declared the constant cycle of violence in Jerusalem an “intifada” on Saturday night, making rumors of a so-called “silent intifada” official despite declarations from the Israeli security establishment that statements to that effect are exaggerated.

“Escalating the resistance in the city is the solution to Israeli aggression,” Zahar told Hamas news agency Al-Risala.

Zahar also slammed the Hamas-Palestinian Authority (PA) “unity government“‘s security coordination with Israel.

“The security coordination is a problem in that is suppresses the intifada against Israeli aggression,” he stated. “The people in the WestBank [Judea-Samaria -ed.] are fighting on two fronts: the first is the Israeli occupation and the second is the PA’s security forces.”

Zahar’s declaration surfaces just days after security officials told Israel Radio that “the Palestinians are not interested in a third intifada” and that…

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Support group offers solace to aging Holocaust survivors

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At 92, Eva Bass is fiercely independent. “I live on my own. I manage without help,” she says. But Bass’s face crumbles when she recalls how her mother, sister and aunt were murdered in Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where Bass was imprisoned during the Holocaust.

Notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele sent the three women to the gas chambers almost immediately after they arrived in Auschwitz. “I still feel it today when my mother started to cry,” said Bass. “Her last words were to me. She said: ‘My dear child! My dear child!’ ”

Every Tuesday morning since 1997, Bass has been attending a drop-in group for Holocaust survivors. The two-and-a-half-hour sessions are held at the Cummings Centre, a seniors centre in Côte-des-Neiges, and facilitated by social worker Myra Giberovitch, herself a daughter of Holocaust survivors.

“I come here because I know the people here and they know me,” said…

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