Jonathan Kay: Israeli star Andy Ram’s surreal retirement from the tennis circuit says a lot about his country

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I will never face a Sidney Crosby slap shot or take a cut at a Clayton Kershaw 4-seam fastball. I’ll never get a chance to step back into the pocket and face an NFL pass rush, or play pick-and-roll against an NBA defence. In most sports, the relationship between player and fan never goes further than an autograph or a smartphone picture. But tennis is different: If you don’t mind raising money for charity (or donating it yourself), tennis fans can get on court with some of the game’s biggest names at “pro-am” events — weekend doubles events where amateurs and pros team up in a round-robin tournament format. Typically, the pros will ratchet down their game a level or three to make sure everyone has fun (even the most star-struck tennis fan doesn’t want to get drilled in the face with a 200 kp/h serve). Nevertheless, you walk off…

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Where Heavan and earth meet

Meir Weiss:

sp mistakes never the less

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 Do you now about heaven


It’s not like earth


In fact God has nothing to do with us


Not to say he doesn’t love us, but us he isn’t


You see in heaven, like the world of dreams, opposite realities coexist


On earth, subdivided by time and space, individuals, identities, separate, distinct thrive


How to merge these disparate mutually exclusive realms


The realm of the unlimited into the realm of the limited

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Netanyahu’s UN speech: no new points, disagreement from the US

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered his speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday evening, and the verdicts are varied.  You can read the full transcript here.

He covered all the main points that we Israelis would wish him to make: he compared Hamas to ISIS, he stressed that the IDF is the most moral army in the world, and even brought out a photo of Hamas rocket launchers surrounded by children to illustrate his point; he condemned the UN Human Rights Council for their obsessive focus on Israel and its non-existent crimes when so many real war crimes were being committed by Islamic extremists and others around the world.

Watch the video and enjoy Netanyahu’s eloquent oratory which received loud applause in several places:

The speech was “vintage Netanyahu” according to the Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stood on the world’s grandest stage on Monday and delivered…

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Autistic 5-Year-Old Expresses Herself Through Her Extraordinary Art

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Autistic 5-Year-Old Expresses Herself Through Art (10)

In December of 2011, Iris Grace Halmshaw was diagnosed with Autism. Iris’ parents say she rarely speaks and that interacting with others can be challenging, but is able to expresses herself through movement and art. Iris lives with her parents and cat, Thula, in Leicestershire, England.

Autistic 5-Year-Old Expresses Herself Through Art (7)

Artwork by IRIS GRACE
Website | Facebook | Original paintings | Gift store

Her parents say painting is one of Iris’ favourite activities and that it relaxes her. She is able to spend hours at a time on her extraordinary watercolour paintings and Thula, her Maine Coon cat, can be found right alongside her. Iris’ parents say Thula has helper her in ways they could have never imagined.

Autistic 5-Year-Old Expresses Herself Through Art (6)

Artwork by IRIS GRACE
Website | Facebook | Original paintings | Gift store

Autistic 5-Year-Old Expresses Herself Through Art (9)

Artwork by IRIS GRACE
Website | Facebook | Original paintings | Gift store

In an interview with Live Action News, Iris’ mother…

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BBC News website continues to promote inaccurate feature on casualties

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The BBC News website’s presentation of its recent report on Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UNGA (discussed here) included several ‘related articles’ offered to readers both on the Middle East homepage and in the article itself as complimentary information on the topic. Among those articles was one originally published on August 8th under the title “Gaza conflict: The hundreds who lost their lives“.

Abbas UNGA linked art 2

Not only is that feature long out of date but – as we pointed out here when it originally appeared – it is also inaccurate on the topic of Israeli casualties with both its text and a graphic claiming to inform readers “where people were killed” presenting incorrect information.

“The article also includes some glaring inaccuracies with regard to Israeli casualties.

“Meanwhile, two Israeli civilians died in Haifa and near the Erez border crossing into northern Gaza; and a Thai farm worker was…

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I Love You Menachem Mendel ben Eta Leah Cotlar

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the-rebbeMendel my Beautiful Mendel the little boy I have known since you were born. I have loved you and your two brothers and sister as much as I love the Goldstein kids my nieces and nephews. I came over everyday to play with you I remember when you got Winston the Parrot and how Happy you were. I love your devar torah for a kid that is only 13 you sound like a grown up adult. You have a heart of gold you always love giving my hugs. Mendel I am so numb but I have to write this I have to tell your story I have to let everyone know what a beautiful neshoma you really are how caring loving chassidish and how much you truly love Hashem and the Rebbe. You are an Inspiration to us all your an inspiration to me and to all Mendel I am…

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Couldn’t happen to nicer people edition

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Two recent incidents gave me a serious attack of schadenfreude, which I thought to share with you in order to lighten the beginning of the New Year.

Mavi Marmara failed flotilla fiasco

An “activist” (read: terrorist) who took part on the Mavi Marmara flotilla fiasco has reportedly been killed in a US air-strike in Syria:

40-year-old Bulent Alniak was killed in a US airstrike in Idlib, northwestern Syria, on a target identified as belonging to the “Islamic State” terrorist group (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL), according to the Turkish World Bulletin website.

According to that report, Alniak was carrying out “aid work” ahead of the upcoming Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.

But other sources have suggested a somewhat less peaceful motive. Another Turkish outlet, T24, claimed Alniak was in Syria fighting alongside the Nusra Front – Al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria. It said he had…

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Benjamin Netanyahu defends nation’s ‘moral army’ after Palestinian leader accuses Israel of ‘war crimes’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Israel on Sunday en route to the United Nations in New York, saying he will refute “all of the lies directed at us” with regard to Israel’s recently concluded war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s comments come after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas charged that Israel had committed “a series of absolute war crimes carried out before the eyes and ears of the entire world” during an address to the General Assembly on Friday.

“In this year, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Israel has chosen to make it a year of a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people,” he said.

With memories of the Nazi Holocaust still fresh in Israel, use of the word “genocide” is regarded as particularly provocative both to Netanyahu and Israelis in general.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images Andrew…

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This Puppy is the Face of Budweiser’s Tear Jerker Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

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Budweiser, a leading expert in interspecies friendship, released a poignant PSA Friday with a resonating message: Don’t drink and drive — You will break your puppy’s heart.

Anheuser-Busch InBev used ad agency Momentum Worldwide to create the 60-second spot, which shows the evolving relationship between an adorable man and his adorable yellow lab, the same breed used in Budweiser’s successful Super Bowl ad campaign.

In a moment of worry, the man is shown leaving his house with friends and a few buds and not coming home. The dog whimpers. The audience holds its collective breath. While we fear for the worst, in the end it turns out that he just spent the night at his friend’s house to stay safe. The puppy might have peed on the floor (that’s our guess of what cut footage holds), but at least the best friends will be able to play for years…

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Self Esteem and Teshuva

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Last night Rabbi Twersky gave a shiur on the psychological aspects to Teshuva. His main point was that in order to do real Teshuva we need to have a positive self-esteem.


Because in order to have meaningful relationships with anyone, including Hashem, you need to have a healthy and positive self-esteem and self-image. The problem is that many do not have a positive self-esteem – this damages and limits our ability to do Teshuva.

Why don’t we have a positive self-esteem and what do we need to work on?

He suggested a number of factors.
1) We are too dependent on the approval of others.
2) We try to please too much.
3) We have been damaged by our childhood experiences.
4) The Ýetzer Harah’ also creates negative, destructive feelings.
5) We aim too high. Often highly accomplished people, suffer from self-esteem problems, as they are never satisfied with…

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